Tank Breather

Tanks CO2 Scrubber

Alfaintek Tank Breathers can be used in a wide range of applications for absorption of pollutant chemical vapors produced during the filling or thermal out breathing of storage tanks to protect the liquid contents from microbial or particulate contaminant from incoming air during discharging or thermal inbreathing.


Benefits of Alfaintek Tank Breathers:

  • Tank Breathers are suitable for different sizes of storage tanks with different airflows (tank size and airflow is unlimited)
  • Unique design offers possibility to solve several problems of the incoming and outgoing air with one Tank Breather filter 
  • Construction material - Al galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel
  • Alfaintek Tank Breathers are suitable for operation in cold or hot climate. 
  • Easy-change  replacement cartridges
  • The lowest possible pressure drop.
  •  Filtration efficiency in Alfaintek Tank Breathers - up to 99,9%
  • Suitable for installation indoor and outdoor
  • Flange connection
  • Pressure vacuum relive valve – upon customer request


Our Tank Breathers  are designed to allow clean air out or into the tank when it is filled, drained or during thermal breathing of the tank. By passing through Tank Breather  the air is cleaned of different chemical compound, odorous, hazardous or toxic vapour contaminant.

Absorption media (activated carbons and chemical sorbents) for Tank Breather is chosen according to the type of the chemicals which should be eliminated. Tank Breather filter cartridges are easy to replace when filtration media is saturated. High and low temperatures can have a negative impact on filter life. That is why our Tank Breathers  are constructed in a special way to prevent high and low temperature damage to the filtration media.

Alfaintek Tank Breathers can  keep pressure drop lower then 250Pa or 2,5mbar to avoid over-pressurization. 


Applications of Alfaintek Tank Breathers:

  • Pharmaceutical Plants / Pharmaceutical 
  • Fluids Chemical Production / Chemicals and Powders
  • Food and beverage industry / Edible Oils and Beverages 
  • Lubricants and Fuels 
  • Septic Tanks